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A year ago, a document from three ministries and commissions instantly blew up the PV industry's circle of friends. The impact of the 531 policy on enterprises was no less powerful than a nuclear bomb, and the main theme of the industry change was how to meet the challenges brought by policy adjustment.

A year ago, a document from three ministries and commissions instantly blew up the PV industry's circle of friends. The impact of the 531 policy on enterprises was no less powerful than a nuclear bomb, and the main theme of the industry change was how to meet the challenges brought by policy adjustment.

As the earliest group of leaders to enter the PV industry, the company has witnessed the rise and fall of the industry's development, and has felt the passion of the national tide of installation, as well as the torment of the decline in subsidies. Although Linuo PV people are accustomed to the storms on the road of PV, and know that the ultimate way out of the leapfrog development of PV is to compete with the traditional power generation model, the 531 policy release was still like a thunderbolt from a clear sky that shook every leader and employee, and inevitably brought a huge impact to the company. Faced with the challenge, the company had also fallen into confusion: is the PV industry being abandoned? Can the subsidy gap be crossed? But after the confusion, there was more reflection and analysis, reflecting on the industry's failure to think of danger in peace in the previous policy hotbed, and analysing how the company could explore opportunities in the crisis. As Li Deye, General Manager of Linuo Photovoltaic Group, said, "Doing what we focus on and doing what we focus on is the best way for the company to meet the challenges, and focusing on product competitiveness is the best way for the company to develop steadily". Unlike most companies in the industry, which pursue scale, Linuo PV has been based on the fast pace of technological change in the industry and the long product life cycle. Thanks to this belief, Linuo Solar has been able to act quickly after the policy, and has made all-round improvements in technological innovation, quality control, cost reduction and service level to minimise the impact of the policy adjustment.

Technological innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, and cell efficiency improvement is the basis for the qualitative change of the PV industry and the key factor to achieve grid parity. In the next step, we will continue to cooperate with the University of New South Wales to introduce new processes in the industry and improve the efficiency by 0.2-0.3% through hydrogen passivation and optimization of fluff surface. pulp unit consumption by 20%." With the continuous improvement of cell technology as a backing, the efficiency improvement of the modules is even more watertight. "The change of module technology is not isolated, we migrate the technology demand and infiltrate the module efficiency improvement influencing factors into the cell improvement link, so that the cell efficiency improvement can be fully played in the modules, while we further improve the CTM through material introduction, process improvement, etc. loss value to within 0.5 percentage points, which cannot be achieved without the support of cell technology." Xu Zhenhua, head of technology for Linuo PV modules, did not forget to thank the battery technology team for their support during the presentation. In the editor's view, the combination of the pearl and the accumulation of the pearl is a true portrayal of Linuo's PV technology team. In addition, with the background of Linuo Group, Linuo PV has the advantage of terminal industry chain that most companies do not have. Linuo Power, which has GW-class PV projects, not only helps Linuo PV to absorb the production capacity when the terminal demand is down, but more importantly, it can track the power generation of Linuo PV products in real time and obtain the most comprehensive operation data. Through these data analyses, Linuo Power can grasp the differences in demand for module products in different regions and project types, and can provide customized products according to these differences to maximize the power generation efficiency of the system and obtain a higher return on investment for the PV project.

For products with a life cycle of more than 20 years, the importance of quality cannot be overstated. Linuo PV has always followed the quality management system of Japanese companies, and the quality management leadership team are also experts from Taiwan with many years of experience. The company implements total quality management, with all staff participating in improving quality, not letting go of any details, pursuing the root cause and continuous improvement, and setting up special groups targeted at tackling difficult problems and solving problem points. With the efforts of the quality team and the guarantee of the management system, the A-rate of cell output has remained stable at over 98% and the defective rate of modules is controlled within 0.2%. Inspection equipment is an important tool for quality control. Linuo PV has accelerated the automation upgrade of its equipment and achieved intelligent inspection of the entire production line from the front end to the process EL to the terminal appearance inspection, reducing the factors of human influence on shipping quality to zero and ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality.

Subsidy slippage on the cost control requirements more stringent, all aspects of the industry chain to repeatedly compress the cost space, the value of the battery components in photovoltaic power generation LCOE cost accounted for the largest proportion, is the most important cost reduction measures. The transparency of raw material prices in the industry is increasing, Linuo PV's procurement team has changed its mindset, instead of just asking suppliers to reduce prices, it analyses the changing market trends, combines with the production demand, develops the most reasonable ordering plan, reduces the delivery batches of suppliers on the basis of revitalizing capital, reduces the cost expenses of suppliers, and also strives for more bargaining space for the company. The company has established strategic partnerships with key suppliers with an eye on long-term cooperation and mutual support to achieve a win-win situation. While reducing costs, the procurement team also focuses on the application of new materials to provide the technical team with more timely and reliable material information, bringing the initiative to reduce costs from the source.

In the photovoltaic industry, where products tend to be homogenised, the added value brought by service enhances the competitiveness of products. Timely, efficient and effective is the purpose of Linuo PV's service. One hour communication with customer feedback, four hours to provide temporary measures and 24 hours to provide analysis reports have become the standard; factory-based support is also a highlight of Linuo PV's service. The customer's respect and recognition.

All people work together to move mountains. Facing the difficult external environment, only by thinking in one place and making efforts in one place can we overcome the difficulties and tide over the difficulties. Fortunately, Linuo PV has such a group of "small partners", from the top to the bottom of the company, ordinary staff, regardless of personal gains and losses, carrying forward the spirit of "one family, one table, one heart, one strength", from the company's overall situation, advice and suggestions The company's development and progress will be promoted together with the cohesiveness and mutual help.

The development of the photovoltaic industry will not stop, but the road ahead is bound to be full of thorns. "The road is long, Linuo PV will not forget the original intention, adhering to the vision of making every household use solar power, abiding by the mission of creating value for customers, committing to producing the best cells and modules, and contributing to the development of the industry." The vow of Li Deye, General Manager of Linuo PV, is the best interpretation of the company's broad future prospects.