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Linuo Group held a ceremony of sacrifice and worship mirroring ceremony for multiple intelligent manufacturing projects to start construction

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As the whole country celebrates the National Day, Linuo Group ushered in the 28th anniversary, the 115th anniversary of the establishment of Hongjitang Pharmaceutical

 As the whole country celebrates the National Day, Linuo Group ushered in the 28th anniversary, the 115th anniversary of the establishment of Hongjitang Pharmaceutical , and the 2573 anniversary of the birth of Confucius . On September 28 , Linuo Group solemnly held the " Ceremony of Worshiping Confucius " , " Ceremony of Worshiping Music Mirror " , "Ceremony of Laying the Foundation of Hongjitang Baicao Garden and Bian Que Memorial Hall", "Ceremony of Phase II Operation of Hongjitang Smart Pharmacy" , "Hongjitang Intelligent Manufacturing Project Launching Ceremony", " Fire Ceremony " , " Linorit Quality Traceability System Launch and New Product Release Conference " and many other celebration activities.

    Confucian ceremony

  In the morning, more than 400 people including Linuo Group's management personnel, customer representatives, partners, and friends from the media participated in the ceremony of worshiping Confucius. At 8:28 , with the "Confucian Music and Dance", the ceremony of worshiping Confucius officially began . The president of Linuo Group, as the dedicated officer, led the customer representatives and the heads of relevant units to take the position as the dedicated officers. Playing music, dancing, offering incense, laying silk, presenting the tribute, bowing, reading sacrificial texts, all standing in silence, the scene is solemn, all in one go.

Worship Music Mirror Yu Ceremony

Mr. Le Jingyu (1875-1963), founded Hongji Hall in Jinan in 1907, making Hongji Hall a well -known Chinese medicine brand. The feelings of the country inherit the spirit of the spirit, leading the glimpse of the tens of billions of levels, and strengthening the national medicine to strengthen and strengthen the national medicine.

The ceremony of worship is a commemorative activity of Hongji Hall in the form of a worship to express respect and respect for the founders and sages. It is an important component of the national intangible cultural heritage Hongjitang TCM culture. The ceremony was further innovated and improved on the basis of previous years. Through live broadcasting, modern technology is given to traditional culture to represent the contemporary, and the inheritance power of excellent culture is fully demonstrated.

 Hongji Hall Bai Cao Garden and the Bianzheng Memorial Hall laid smoothly

In order to deeply inherit the traditional Chinese traditional Chinese medicine culture, show the charm and common sense of Chinese herbal medicine, and commemorate the great medical scientist Bian Qiao during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods. At the same time as the 28th anniversary of the establishment of Lino Group, the foundation of the Bai Cao Garden and the Bianzheng Memorial Hall is grandly held. After the project is completed, it will become an important attraction for students' research, tourists tourism, and inheritance of Chinese medicine culture.

In his speech, Ru Lixian, the brand cultural director of the group, said that the construction of the Baicao Garden and the Bianzheng Memorial Hall is an important measure to implement the "serving the society and benefiting the human" corporate concept of practice. It is hoped that the Cultural Tourism Company will fully combine Lino Group's own resource endowment, pioneering and innovation, and continue to promote the deep integration of traditional Chinese medicine and industrial tourism, to create uniqueness of cultural, knowledgeable, interesting, and uniqueness of lives, dynamics, and experience. The charm of the cultural propaganda scene of Chinese medicine has created high -quality cultural tourism characteristic projects to make more connotative, more distinctive, more refined services for tourists.

  Fire ritual

Thanksgiving to the sun and growing up. Leno Sunshine Industry held a grand fire transfer event in Yuquan Mountain. The team composed of the outstanding marketing representatives and guests of Leno Sunshine Enterprise for torch transmission. The inheritance and promotion of the excellent culture of the Chinese culture, do not forget the original intention, passed on the fire.

    The nation's first full process of smart Chinese medicine room automatic frying lines were completed in Jinan

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the cause of traditional Chinese medicine has been promoted with high quality, and the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine has ushered in new opportunities due to the integration of modern technology. On September 28 , the second phase project of Hongjitang Smart Chinese Pharmacy was completed, and the country's first smart Chinese Pharmacy full-process automatic decoction line was built in Jinan.

Jinan is a city with an early development of smart Chinese pharmacies in China. According to the requirements of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine that "it is convenient to see Chinese medicine, eat Chinese medicine with confidence, medical insurance is guaranteed, and culture can be inherited". In September 2020, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical adopted the Internet of Things and Blockchain technology, the first to build a smart Chinese pharmacy. Compared with the traditional decoction center, the smart Chinese pharmacy has obvious advantages: the authentic quality of the decoction pieces is guaranteed; it realizes one dosage form for one person and one side, and can customize the personalized dosage form. Realizing the traceability of the whole process from prescription, dispensing, decoction, and delivery is a major innovation in the service of traditional Chinese medicine and fills the gap in the province.